Long Term Care Insurance

70 percent of people under the age of 65 will need Long Term Care services at some point during their lives.  40 percent of people receiving long-term care are working-age adults between the ages of 18-64.*  Protect yourself and your family.  Get a free, no obligation quote today and instantly receive your FREE LTC Shoppers Guide and LTC Tax Guide!

Protect Your Assets

Help protect your life savings and nest egg from the ever-rising costs of extended care – most of which are not covered by Medicare or traditional health insurance.  Your state may even offer dollar-for-dollar asset protection equal to the total value of your LTC policy!

Long Term Care Planning Specialists

Avoid mistakes when planning your long-term care coverage — we have dedicated specialists to assist you in selecting a customized plan with the best features for your dollar.


Up to 30%  Spousal/Partner Discount

Up to 15%  Preferred Health Discount

Up to 5%  Small Business Discount

Tax Deductions  available with some policies

* National Clearing House for Long Term Care Information

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